Let me take you back a few years. As a kid there were all type of toys and gadgets that caught our attention and pictured on this page you’ll notice a mood ring. That’s right the notorious mood ring. This little gadget was passed around from boy to boy letting us know who was stressed or cool or normal. It was amazing you slip it on and then your attitude was read and that stuck with you until you tried it again hoping it changed so you can be cool. I believe black was stressed, blue was normal and green meant you were in love…..yuk right!! None of the guys wanted to be green. Everyone hoped they were cool or stressed we’d take stress over being in love anyday. Brings me to my topic today……colors. What does a color mean to you? I’m interested in hearing what your favorite color is and what it means to you. Write me back and let me know. As a kid my favorite color was blue the color of Superman’s outfit, the man of Steel. Best superhero of all time! Some might disagree but again it’s my guy and my favorite color. As an adult this has changed slightly. Today the color red brings me solice. Weird red is supposed to be a radiant loud color that sets the mood for excitement. But to me it brings me back to the mood ring. Red lets me know that there is hope, that there is salvation and there is redemption. If I were to slide that mood ring on today I would hope it would stay red all my life to remind me of who I am. Who am I? I am the son of a father I never knew, I am the son of a mother who did her best. I later found out in my late 30’s I am a child of GOD! This was a revelation to me, growing up in an abusive house hold I decided to leave at an early age (14) and make my way in life which led to completing school, learning a trade, meeting my now wife and fathering kids of my own. But my identity was still a mystery. I had no direction. Today I have an identity, I am who GOD says I am, I grew to know who I am through the help of Carl Barker and the Celebrate Recovery Program which consisted of a 12 step and 8 principle lesson system. Pastor Michael Spivey is a godsend, someone who listens and guides you no matter what stage in life you’re in. You talk about a mood ring well these two men from GOD will help adjust your mood by truth and compassion. The color red takes on a whole new meaning for me. See I still consider myself new to the Bible and this year I will have read it through from beginning to end in chronological order. Reading the Bible was brutal for me as I read the Old Testament because I didn’t understand why GOD would let so many people get hurt, killed or abandoned. As I kept reading daily I started putting the puzzles pieces together and the big picture was seen, GOD wants us to be closer to him and if you reject him he will grab your attention by any means possible, GOD doesn’t hurt or kill but if you keep running you could find yourself scared and alone, metaphorically in a dark cave if you will. Could it be I was headed for a path of destruction and our Lord used my childhood as a lesson of some sorts? Today I’m in the New Testament, this brings us to the red letters in the Bible where every word that Jesus said was set ina different tone. When Jesus spoke he didtn’t do so in anger but in love and understanding. The parables he spoke of would stay with me and I use them throughout my daily life. I now know there is a log in my eye that has to be removed, I know the earthly riches will only give me a brief moment of satisfaction, most of all I know that my past doesn’t define who I am today. Jesus made disciples out of the rough edge men who later built churches where we meet today. So when you slip on a mood ring let it be for a good laugh and hopefully you don’t get “you’re in love” cause that’s gross. But when you are in a foul mood or need a mood change open up to the New Testament and get your mood realigned with some colorful truthful loving red letters, join a Celebrate Recovery program or come see my Pastor in Winter Haven Florida.

Today’s take-a-way, there is no giving up, Jesus knew he had to give up his life for a specific reason at a specific time. He didn’t give up and played his hand to completion. Now it’s up to us to complete our story. I’d love to hear yours. Until next time stay true, love GOD and drink a brisk Diet Pepsi.

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  1. Love it Ralph! Haven’t thought of the color ring for years! Brought back some fond memories. 😂 Thanks for sharing. You continue to amaze me with your writings. Book on your life story one day?


  2. RalphDidnt see you at CR leadership training in Clermont FL. Were you there? RogSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


  3. Thanks Carl, reading the Bible’s red letters are somber especially today with jesus’ death. But as we’re taught in CR you let the old life die and be born again so now can’t wait to see what Jesus does as a heavenly spirit. Thanks for your support as a friend and mentor.


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