How much is enough?

Have you heard the saying, “ How much more does someone need to be happier?” The answer? Just a little more…….always a little more. As a child I considered my life as a poor one. I received clothes from my mom’s friends for school and always had free lunch and my shoes developed holes which if I walked at a certain angle and didn’t lift up my feet completely my shoe wouldn’t flop and no one would be the wiser. That only lasted a few weeks, while lifting up my foot one day the front shoe lip caught the ground and folded the sole completely back and it broke. I walked home from school thinking of a way to explain to my mom that I needed a new pair and knowing my stepdad he would question why I needed one and might repair as he did in the past with duct tape. It’s ok to laugh at the time it was embarrassing but today it brings me a giggle. That day I needed more. The outcome was good, off to Wally world for a new pair of shoes no questions asked. Today it seems we as a society are  living beyond our means, spending money as quick as we make it. Let’s see if I make sense here. Sometimes not having enough is the best thing for you. It lets you appreciate when you do have enough.  Not having enough let’s us struggle and brings us closer to GOD. When we don’t have we worry, when we worry we pray, when we pray we come closer to GOD, you see the pattern? In my childhood years I depended on my mom and stepfather for guidance and protection. As an adult I’ve learned to depend on GOD, but in my early Christian years everything seemed to be falling out of place and I didn’t pray much. When life started spiraling out of control I was on my knees praying daily and conversing with GOD, I didn’t know how to pray but as time went on and with guidance from my Pastor I was able to talk to GOD and thank him for what he provided me with. I learned not to beg, I learned I couldn’t make a promise and negotiate with GOD. What I did learn and use to this day is to pray even when days are good not just bad and to trust GOD in prayer. GOD won’t answer my prayer with what I want but will answer with what needs to happen. Will I understand maybe not, but I will agree that trusting GOD has seen me through times where I wanted to give up  and scream. What I didn’t know was that GOD had me come to church and prepare my armor so when my storm arrived I would be able to stand strong. What was your storm? What did you do to prepare for it?  Jesus in Matthew 26:39 said, “ My Father, if it is possible let this cup of suffering be taken away from me. Yet I want your will to be done, not mine.” What a power prayer to GOD from his own son. I think back of what my suffering was and it was nowhere near that important as I thought. So I ask myself now. How much more do I need?

Today’s Take-a-way, 

Unless I’m barefoot I won’t be praying for a new pair of shoes. I’ve been given so much, today’s prayers are thankful for my health, my Family, my church, for CR to prosper and for my close circle of friends that GOD has provided in my daily walks. Thank you for letting me share. Until we meet again enjoy a nice brisk Coca Cola  Pepsi, Love GOD and love your neighbors. 

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