Back to the Future.

Welcome back as we discuss what the Almighty Lord has put on my heart this week. Have you ever thought “If I had a time machine I would go back and change ________(insert answer here).” Another thought we’ve had is if I could redo a part of my life I would change…? We’ve seen the movie “Back To The Future” where Marty McFly goes back in time so he can change his outcome in life. In the process he’s created more problems that have to be fixed along with the original task at hand. In my childhood-days I wished I had never seen the anger or abuse between my mother and stepfather. A child should never have to endure such images. Past emotions of revenge and thoughts of “what if my mom never met my stepfather” run through my mind. Only issue is if that part of my past changed then I would have never moved to Florida, met my wife, never had my kids, who knows what job I would have, I would have never met my friends and would have not met my close friends in CR and Church. CR friends are anonymous but church friends are David, John, Ryan, Carl, Aaron, Donovan, Mikey, Steve, Kevin, Michael, Rodney, Bryan, Butch, Don,……you know I can keep going because the Lord has blessed me with a large group of men. That’s a great place to be. In the movie Marty put a lot of time and energy trying to change the future only to be stranded in 1955. See Marty tried changing the world on his terms. In my life I promised myself I would treat my kids better than I was treated, that I would provide for my kids and give them what I was denied as a kid. I put so much effort into changing the way I grew up with my kids that I wasn’t focused on the character of Godliness that would send me on the path to righteousness and would then overflow to my kids. Instead I showered them with gifts and the best clothes and games that I wanted as a kid. I worked day and night to make this happen, Overtime day after day, weekends and holidays. The outcome…….I lived up to my promise but was denied the fatherly time needed with my kids. God’s plan for us is to prosper in his name. To live a life of Spiritual richness that overflows to our youngoness and in turn their young ones.

There was a part two and a part three to the Movie. In part three of BACK TO THE FUTURE Doc leaves a detailed note for Marty on where to find the Time Machine and and they eventually find their way out of a jam and back home. In the Bible we read of Abraham, Abimelech, Jacob, Joseph, Pharaoh, Samuel, Solomon, Daniel, Zacharias, Joseph, Ananias, Peter, Paul (reading today) and John, these are only a few of who GOD gave visions too and showed them the metaphorical Delorean. We can spend a lot of time thinking of our past wrongs, sins or hurts but the reality is, its done. We need to focus on what GOD is telling us now and how we can better ourselves today using Church and the remnant he has placed in our lives. Join us on Sunday morning as we listen to our Pastor Michael Spivey deliver a thunderous sermon as GOD speaks through him to us. I used to be proud of being a leader and yes I say it’s great to lead your family but continue to be a follower of GOD. Mrs Jennifer has taken me for a ride this year as we read the Bible in chronological order and only have a few days left to complete the Bible in one year. I challenge you to accept the next Bible reading as it has done wonders for me in 2019. Its put my perspective on my future by getting to know our history and the story of Jesus. My life in 2019 has changed for the better but it happened through GOD’s will. I just had to learn to listen. Life slowed down some and I got rid of time wasters in my life and dropped some programs and picked up others that He called me too. I will with his grace and patience continue my path he laid out for me.

Today’s take-a-way, GOD has the right to accept our follies and our victories. He has the honor to accept our will of our lives. When we fully surrender to him, our lives changes. We move forward and live a better today which leads into a wonderful tomorrow. Pastor Michael Spivey asked this question, “Can we fully accept to give up our old lives to save it?” Let’s meditate on this. Until we meet again please keep loving GOD and our neighbors. Offer up a cool Diet Pepsi to someone in need.

Lord, thank you for the pillar of cloud you provide during the day and the pillar of fire you provide in the night so we don’t lose your way. So many times we hope we could have changed our past but this same past has brought us to you today. Let your will be done and not ours. We love you and thank you for all the miracles you placed in front of us. AMEN!!!!!

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