Celebrate Recovery

Welcome to the CR page where you’ll be introduced to different layers of Volunteers, Job descriptions, Lessons and Testimonies that will be featured here once a week. Celebrate Recovery is a Christ centered 12 step program that aides in life’s struggles, hurts, habits and hang-ups. Celebrate Recovery is a safe place to find fellowship and freedom from the addictions and hurts that control our lives. In this week’s Celebrate Recovery discussion we will cover a small but large portion of the team. Featured this week is Co-founder of the CR People’s Church Program Carl Barker, Rosa Ray Barker and Front Speaker Kelly Keen. These three folks were there from the start up along with Ralph Madrigal (not pictured) and the program is going strong for Three years now this coming September. With a laptop that had seen some miles and an HDMI cord, the program started with a few pictures through powerpoint and some songs that were played to get you in the gospel mood. Today in July 2019 we were blessed by having two pastors with an open door church for healing and a triple head screen with back lighting, mics, seating for hundreds and a food bar (food bar is at the end of month celebration only) to warm the belly before the large group starts. Large group Opens with a FIERCE fight song that will surely wake you up for the praise and worship that follows then leads into a short intro video that will have you relating why you are there. See you don’t have to be at the end of your rope to come to this program, you can show up if you are feeling lost, depressed, tired of being tired or can’t let go of a hurt that happened in the past. As the week’s go by I will introduce you to other reasons to show. This week on Monday July 1st CR featured a testimony by Chris M. (no last name given for privacy) who struggled with various obstacles that would have destroyed him if it were not for meeting a youth pastor who introduced him to CR. Chris struggled with Marriage, bullying, abuse and other hurts that pursued him into his adult life. When entering CR Chris was in denial and predicted this program was not for him and will not help as everything else he tried didn’t work either. There is a happy ending to this story and Chris was on stage as living proof that GOD and CR work if you get up and work the program. Join us next week for a Lesson in Principle 7, Step 10, Daily Inventory by Carl B.

This week we meet Rodney, an Audio technician for People’s church and Celebrate Recovery on Monday nights. Let’s not limit Rodney to a name as audio tech……..more like do it all tech. From audio to video, lights to stage presence Rodney is seen behind the scenes tuning up the mics setting the mood for our Shepherd Michael Spivey on Sundays and if time permits during the week. Rodney I found has been in the presence of our church for 39 years, folks i’m 43 years young, that’s basically my whole life. You couldn’t tell by looking at him work. It’s like a kid in a candy store, he’s always got a hand full of wiring and an idea on how to improve something. I found a few minutes to sit down with Rodney tonight to ask him some questions… I’ve been waiting to ask these questions, I find what he does fascinating and scary at the same time. He’s dealing with thousands of dollars at his fingertips!

Question: Rodney, what brought you to the audio booth here at People’s Church formally Calvary church?

Answer: I love Audio!, I have always loved music especially worship time.

Question: What brought you to People’s Church 39 years ago?

Answer: Family…I had a cousin who came to People’s Church and I was invited, from there forward it captured me, this is where I wanted to be.

Question: Early memory of People’s Church?

Answer: I came here when the church was in construction, there was no roof here where we stand in the sanctuary. The service was held out where the lobby area is, it was totally different and has come a long way from then.

Question: Favorite Scripture?

Answer: I really don’t have one. It may seem weird but I am intrigued with the whole bible, I just can’t pick out a scripture when it all captures me.

In speaking with Rodney I just wanted to keep asking him questions but I knew he had to wrap it up but I learned a funny quote from him. “if i’m your hero you need to get out more”. I laughed so hard when I heard it. Rodney believes in being humble and mentioned if everything is working correctly you won’t even know he exists. Carl ask Rodney if he could help get Celebrate Recovery up and running and since then Rodney hasn’t left, says it feels like family at the Monday night meeting. “Can’t get rid of me” says Rodney. Rodney reiterated that seeing the process start from beginning to end with the support and coordination is a fascinating thing to witness, he’s very glad he can be here to work for Celebrate Recovery and says it’s not a thankless job. There is a reward at the end of the day, a satisfaction if you will. Rodney says he is not a leader and couldn’t lead but he is here to support the leader. “I love being behind the scenes, my job is not to be noticed but to support”. “It’s awesome to share this message, when breakthrough happens people get discouraged and from my vantage point I get to be there to lift them up. I belong as support not in the spotlight”. Rodney, thank you for sharing a little of yourself with us today. I pray you stay on fire and keep feeding the people what they desire through music, sound, video and testimony. Join me tomorrow as we discuss the Celebrate Recovery Lesson on RELAPSE, what a great lesson to discuss and thanks to Rodney and all the puzzle pieces that came together to make it happen!

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